When planning a swimming pool we first have to check the consistency of the ground. There are different types of pools. Most of them are brick-layed after the soil has been excavated.

Nowadays there is a new type of construction on the market called „gruting“. The construction with reinforced concrete is filled in with injected concrete. This method is quicker and consequently reduces the end price. It is also more solid and more elegant. Your family and friends will enjoy even more their dip in the pool!

Another possibility is a plastic basin to be introduced in the cavity after excavating the soil. This system is easier and less costly.

We work hand in hand with the constructor firm as regards the choice of the material. We only use high quality material, cleaning devices and filters. Your pool will at any moment be in excellent condition.

Our company offers you a maintenance contract. We check the pH-value and other elements to keep your pool in excellent condition.