Cost free for you we calculate the calories that are necessary to keep an agreable temperature in your home. We calculate the number and size of the radiators , the thermostats for temperature control and we also calculate the  potency of the boiler.

The fixing of the boiler will be done in a professional way.

Thermal sun energy

By fixing solar panels we reduce the consumption of gas and diesel. As soon as the temperature of a hot water deposit is reached, an outlet opens and leads the water into the heating system.This enables us to reduce the fuel consumption up to 55 per cent and also the costs. With less damaging emissions produced the green house effect is also minor.

Under floor heating

An under floor heating system is comfortable and needs little maintenance. The temperature is cosy in rooms, bath rooms, corridors and the kitchen. It is the cleanest, most silent and most comfortable system we can offer.

Electric heating

Electric radiators keep your home on a chosen temperature.

Each radiator has its own thermostat which turns off automatically as soon as this temperature is reached. Our radiators contain oil, which keeps the heat better. This means, however, that each radiator needs a connection for its own, but the system is less costly than a water system.

Heated pool

We offer you the possibility to heat your pool by sun energy. That needs a special device and a connection between the pool pipes and the boiler. You so may enjoy a comfortable water temperature independently of the weather conditions.

Other services:

- Change of boilers to save energy.

- Repair and maintenance of gas or diesel boilers.

Eléctric Pablos, S.L. holds the title as official plumber for heating systems.